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Sue Travis and Dog Ellie Give Seniors Rides and Companionship

When Sue Travis heard from her synagogue that The GO Program was looking for drivers to provide transportation to Jewish seniors in the Lehigh Valley, she was interested, but had one question to ask: could she bring her dog along? 

Ellie, a beagle mix, is a therapy dog, and Travis has taken her across the Valley to bring comfort and companionship to cancer patients. As long as her passengers OK Ellie’s presence, she comes along for the ride. “Now I get people requesting ‘the lady with the dog,’” Travis said.

Travis and Ellie are out on the road with seniors about once a week, sometimes driving them on routine errands like grocery shopping or doctors’ appointments, but also taking them to dinner out and birthday parties. “For some people it’s just transportation, but for others, it’s an outing,” Travers said. 

Travis enjoys her time driving with seniors, particularly because so many of the people she meets are from New York like her, a connection that has enriched her life as well as those she serves. “I like to drive, and I learn a lot talking to them, so I get as much as I give,” Travis said.

Learn more about The GO Program and how you can volunteer as a driver.


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