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Meet the Honorable Maxwell Davison


The Honorable Maxwell Davison, the Jewish Community Center’s honoree, believes, “Practice makes perfect." In 1957, Judge Davison came to Allentown from Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, the former Barbara Seiden (z"l), raised their sons here and committed themselves to public service. After serving as the first Lehigh Valley Jewish judge from 1971-1990, he has and continues to practice law during the sixty years of his professional life. Judge Davison considers the JCC the glue that holds our Jewish Community together and emphasizes the need for its physical presence. When asked what makes the Allentown community spectacular, Judge Davison credits new business, forward thinking, the downtown’s rebirth and progressive ideas. Although Jewish leadership may not be perfect, it is strong. In addition to serving as a president of the JCC, he was an officer at Temple Beth El, and was a founding member of the Jewish Family Service Board. An empathetic man, Judge Davison’s mantra is to “Do the best I can.” He still answers calls for support and his devotion to PBS earned him the Mr. Rogers Award for his dedication to public radio and television. Hopefully he’ll be wearing his Mr. Rogers sweater at our Spectacular Over 70 celebration at Temple Beth El on Sunday, November 10th.


Mazel tov, Max, one of our Spectacular Over 70 honorees.


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