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Meet Cooky & Michael Notis


Cooky and Mike Notis, Sons of Israel’s nominees, are noticed for their diverse commitment to the Lehigh Valley Jewish Community.  Married more than 60 years, the couple met as children at the Hebrew Institute of Long Island. Parents of 4, grandparents of 10, and great-grandparents of 3 and still counting, they firmly believe a Jewish Day School is the heart of a vibrant Jewish community. Like many other Spectacular honorees, they echo the belief that the Lehigh Valley has a unique Jewish community because of its interaction among all of our congregations. Mike began his career as an engineer for Grumman Aircraft, where he worked on NASA’s Apollo program and continued as a professor of materials science at Lehigh University for nearly 45 years. He believes in doing acts of kindness and teaching kids appropriate interaction in society. Morah Cooky is an active volunteer at the Jewish Day School, where she worked as a teaching assistant. She still bakes, cooks and showers the students with loving care. Older adults from Country Meadows and the Atria can be found celebrating the holiday of Sukkot in their sukkah each fall. Cooky lives by the mantra that she never asks anyone to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. Regarding volunteering, she says, “Thank you. You give me more than I give you!” 


Mazel tov, Cooky and Mike, two of our Spectacular Over 70 honorees.

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