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New 'Schmooze & Schmear' club offers men chance for comradery

JFS introduced a summer series for men on Tuesday, June 25, led by Sam Bub and Leon Zoller. Sam and Leon approached Carol Wilson and Chelsea Karp of JFS with an interest in leading a discussion group for retired men from the community. 

The first meeting took place over coffee and rugelach as each participant shared a piece of their history with the group. The conversation was very animated as the men discovered connections based on their professional lives and involvement in the Jewish community. This group was put together for men to come together for some conversation and a bite to eat, hence the name, “Schmooze & Schmear.”  

At the conclusion of the meeting, the men voted to convene again and have their time together center around topics of the day, facilitated by the two leaders. “Sam and Leon are true gems of our community who together bring their rich life experiences to the group,” said Carol and Chelsea. 

This men’s club will meet every third Tuesday over the summer at the Jewish Community Center from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. The next meeting dates are Tuesday, July 16, and Tuesday, August 6. There is no cost to attend.  Please contact Chelsea Karp at 610-351-9953 to arrange for transportation if you would like to participate.