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Jewish Community Celebrates Older Adults at 8ish Over 80

On Nov. 5, the Jewish community of the Lehigh Valley gathered to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of 13 remarkable people over the age of 80 who have donated their time, talents and hearts to enriching our community.

Jewish Family Service of the Lehigh Valley hosted an elegant champagne brunch in their honor at Temple Beth El. The proceeds from the brunch will benefit JFS’ older adult services, including a transportation program, Shabbat and holiday events at residential settings and quarterly goody bags.

Each of the honorees is a community volunteer chosen by a synagogue or Jewish agency in the Lehigh Valley. As part of the process, the organizations were instructed to choose individuals with dedication of time, talent and mensch-like qualities in the Lehigh Valley. The 13 honorees have volunteered extensively across the Lehigh Valley, each lending his or her time and dedication to the community.

The event, which began with time to schmooze and partake in a buffet-style brunch, was designed to honor these 13 individuals and shower them with love and appreciation just as they have devoted so much time and effort to our community.

The event also featured a brief presentation from JFS featuring the agency’s work in the community as well as a video featuring all of the honorees in their own words.

Upon departing, each honoree received a certificate from JFS, proclamations from elected officials and a 
“Mazel Tov Jar” filled with kind and supportive messages from event attendees.

As a whole, the event was intended not only to celebrate the efforts of these remarkable people, but also to inspire the whole community to improve the lives of older adults in the Lehigh Valley.

To see photos from the event, click here.


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