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Coronavirus: A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear Community Members,

We are cognizant of the growing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and our goal is to minimize risk while also providing services. We have cancelled all of our programs and volunteer activities, including visits to facilities for older adults, visits to private homes, Schmooze & Schmear meetings and, as of today, our food pantry. As of March 18, 2020, our office will be closed for at least the next two weeks.

Counseling and case management services will be continued by telephone. Our staff will be working remotely. This is a unique situation, and we are learning more as we go along. Nevertheless, we know how stressful and anxiety-provoking this is for those we already serve and for the rest of our community. We are not a crisis center, but we recognize that individuals and families can benefit from professional guidance and reassurance in troubled times like these.

Here are a couple of suggestions for ways that you can be helpful during these challenging times:

  • Please call your neighbors and acquaintances who are living on their own to see how they are doing.  A phone call can make such a difference.
  • If you recognize someone needs food or supplies, please place an order online to be delivered to their home and tell them to expect the delivery.
  • JFS can be a resource for you. If you find someone is having difficulty, please call us and leave a message on voicemail. Our staff will be checking their voicemail on a regular basis.
  • Please go to our donation page if you would like to make a donation towards purchasing food cards, as we anticipate growing need.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.


Debbie Zoller, MSW, LCSW
Executive Director