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Agency Debuts New Brand

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed our look!

As part of our newly implemented strategic plan, JFS has decided to rebrand, beginning with our logo. The new logo shows a figure and a tree, with subtle Jewish imagery. 

The logo went through several incarnations before the final version was decided upon by the JFS Board of Directors. It was important to everyone involved that the logo reflect the values and mission of JFS. “At JFS, we think of ourselves as people helping people,” said board member Susan Berman. “We wanted that warmth and friendliness to come through with our logo.”

Executive Director Debbie Zoller pointed out the symbolism behind the tree. “It’s a very Jewish image,” she said. “It represents both life and strength. We hope that when clients see our logo, they will think of the support and care they will find here at JFS.”

The staff is especially excited to see the new logo. 

“I think this new logo really gets at the heart of what JFS strives to do,” said Clinical Resource Coordinator and Resource Specialist Susan Sklaroff Van-Hook. “Because we take a systems approach to care here, we strive to serve our clients as holistically as possible, like a tree that provides comfort through shade and support through its strength. We truly care about our clients on a personal level and want to serve them as best we can. I think this new look shows that more.”



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