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Thanks to Our Outgoing Staff and Board

This June, JFS said “thank you” to four special people, two who left the JFS staff and two who left the JFS board. I will miss Cooky Notis, Beau Clarke, Phyllis Perkin and Rabbi Moshe Re’em. I know they will continue to be friends of JFS.

For the past eight years, Cooky Notis has provided amazing Jewish cultural programs at the residences where Jewish older adults live. While Cooky’s programs were captivating, Cooky’s caring and home-baked goods always enriched the lives of everyone she spoke to. 

Beau Clarke worked for the JFS Benefits CheckUp program for the past five years and prior to that he worked as a BCU ambassador for Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries. Beau is also an apprise counselor. Beau helped countless older adults discover and apply for benefits they never knew they were eligible for. 

Phyllis Perkin was on the JFS board for six years. While on the board, Phyllis co-chaired our America on Wheels fundraiser, and served on the Senior Task Force and Personnel Committee. Phyllis was one of the first people who drove me around the Lehigh Valley when I was interviewing for my position.

Rabbi Re’em was our clergy representative for the past two years. He brought in passion for our services and served on the Strategic Planning Committee. Rabbi Re’em enriched us with his D’var Torahs and promoted our work with synagogues particularly in the area of Jewish human needs.

Each of these four individuals have inspired me and helped JFS to be a better place. JFS has prospered through their service. 



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