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Be Mindful of the Present this New Year

The Jewish New Year brings back many memories: a beautiful tablecloth, buying a new hat, the aroma of honey cake, kugels, and brisket, round challah and most of all the special people we shared the holidays with who are no longer with us.  

As we travel through time and we age, these memories can provide comfort and transport us to a lovely place. For those who are living in unfamiliar settings, it is important to preserve these memories by bringing in reminders of these times-cherished melodies, special foods, and most of all a sense of family or companionship. JFS is trying to bring in these sentiments through its Shabbat Outreach Programs and holiday gift bags.Please let us know if you have a loved one in the Lehigh Valley who would benefit from receiving a High Holiday bag.  

While I think about memories around the holidays, I also think about the future and what I can do differently this year. I apologize to anyone I might have offended this year. I also think about how I can express more gratitude to those around me personally and professionally. I believe in our community, but I think we can always do a better job of serving those around us in need. 

Reflecting on our past and looking to the future is a challenging combination. Being mindful of the present is a way of celebrating the New Year. In that spirit, I wish you all a meaningful new year.


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