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A Warm Welcome

I love change, but it’s never easy. Change can re-vitalize you and give you a new perspective, but it can also cause great anxiety. This summer, my parents are moving to Manhattan from their home of 57 years in Westchester County. They are really excited about the move and they have a great attitude. However, having to clean out collections of years gone by is emotional and overwhelming.

Jewish Family Service is starting a new chapter with a new president, vice presidents and new board members. Our new president, Wendy Born, comes “highly recommended” as the former president of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley and of the Jewish Community Center of Allentown. Wendy has been on the JFS Board for over two years and has served as the chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. Wendy has a master’s degree in social work from Bryn Mawr. She has already developed a new board orientation program and put a great executive board into place. 

Our new vice presidents include Rabbi Allen Juda, Robin Rosenau, Susan Berman and Bill Bergstein. Each of these amazing  leaders has specific expertise and dedication to JFS. Carah Tenzer continues on our executive board as our capable recording secretary.

Our new board members are Dr. Carol Bub Fromer, Brian Ford, Dr. Harvey Hakim,  Rima Hirsch, Mark Pinsley, Joy Rothman and Lorrie Scherline. 

Continuing on our board are: Phyllis Perkin, Evelyn Lipschutz, Taffi Ney, Rabbi Moshe Re’em; Howard Sherer as honorary board member and Patty Glascom as honorary president. Ney and Juda will take over as chairs of our strategic planning process from Born and Bergstein. 

One of my favorite songs from my teenage years by the late Debbi Friedman says “The old shall dream dreams, and the youth shall see visions.” Our new board is comprised of individuals with proven leadership skills who want to make a difference, and they each bring a unique vision to our organization as we strive for excellence as a Jewish social service agency.  



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