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Meet Eleanor Bobrow


Ellie Bobrow has been the “point person” for maintaining the Rosh Chodesh Group at Temple Covenant of Peace. She and her chief “co-conspirator” Cindy Daniels have planned and organized the yearly Lehigh Valley Women's Seder and other Rosh Chodesh events. She is an active member of TCP and its Sisterhood. She is a much loved part of TCP's yearly Purim Schpiel. Ellie is the host of a weekly self-help show on public radio called "Take Charge of Your Life," covering a variety of topics including health, relationships, wellness and more. She is a life-long member of Hadassah. When Ellie was a sophomore in high school, she received and accepted from Hadassah a seven-week scholarship to Israel. This was truly a life changing event for her.


Mazel tov, Eleanor, one of our 8ish Over 80 honorees.


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