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Meet Anita Goldman


Anita Goldman was born in the Bronx. She studied at City College in New York and at Cedar Crest College in Allentown. In the 60s, with the drug problem hitting the Lehigh Valley, Anita and eight other concerned citizens founded Confront and Keenan House. Confront provided out-patient services and Keenan House provided in-patient services. Keenan House was the first program of this kind in the state. Today these two facilities, known as Treatment Trends, continue offering addiction and rehabilitation services to the area. Anita received drug counseling training at Encounter in Manhattan and the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute in Philadelphia. She worked as a counselor and group therapist for over 20 years. Anita joined Congregation Am Haskalah early in its existence. She served as recording secretary, as a board member and on the Social Action Committee. She continues to be active as the hostess of the book group.


Mazel tov, Anita, one of our 8ish Over 80 honorees.


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